Maricopa State of the City

Posted by:
Clint Dehner

This past week Hive Creative had the opportunity to sponsor an event for the city of Maricopa. We took full advantage of this supporting our city's vision for this event. "State of the City" is much like a State of the Union, just a lot more downsized. HCS thought it would be an excellent opportunity to do some handshaking and meet some people who like to get more involved in our hometown's success. Last Wednesday, the evening consisted of our Mayor Christian Price reviewing the completed developments throughout the year and potentially coming to our small town in the near and far-out future. All doing this while holding to this year's theme, Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. Seeing how much potential growth is coming our way is exciting but yet sad. This little town is one of the top five for growth in Arizona and is the largest in Pinal County. With this growth, Hive will have more opportunities to work with local businesses on establishing their online presents.

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